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How Grinch Stole Christmas - Storyline


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Christmas is three days away, and all the citizens of Who-ville couldn't be more excited. Lou Lou Who, his wife Betty Lou and their children Stu, Dru and Cindy Lou (a bit more than two, but still the youngest) are preparing for the biggest day of the Who year. Filled with Christmas cheer, Stu and Dru convince two Who girls to kiss them under the mistletoe, located on Mt. Crumpit, the supposed home of the evil Grinch. They climb Mt. Crumpit, keenly observed by the Grinch via telescope. Eventually the Whos are subdued, by the Grinch's Who-traps. But why would the Grinch do such dastardly things to a group of Whos? The Grinch was once a Who-ville resident, delivered by stork, as are all new Whos. But the Grinch looked different than the Whos. Trying to fit in, he did all he could do. And still the Whos ridiculed, teased and laughed at him too. And to make matters worse, the young Grinch yearned for the affections of Martha-May Whovier. Unfortunately, the Grinch was led to believe that she cared for another Who. Fed up with Who-ville, the Grinch retreated to a cave on Mt. Crumpit, where he has lived for nearly 30 years. From here he watches the Whos, year in and year out, when one day he hatches a plan to take away from the Whos what means most. Christmas.