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About Mr Carrey
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Welcome to faqs section. End of the search for jim carrey fans.

Q: Is Carrey a real madman in 'real life'? What's he like?

A: I'm just a fan like you, but i can give you answer based on interviews he has given,Mr Carrey seems to be a normal guy who likes home and family. You will be surprised by knowing that he also paints and sculpts in his spare time.he likes to read. (Among his favorite books are self-help stuff like 'The Road Less Travelled'. He also favors C.S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell.) His tastes in music appear to lean toward kick-ass rock-'n'roll and alternative stuff. His shoe size is 11, his favorite cartoon character is Deputy Dawg, he prefers Mexican food to Chinese food, and his nickname as a kid was Jimmy-Gene the String Bean.

Q: How tall is Jim Carrey?

A:Answer is give by jimme him self in Liar, Liar. Mr. Carrey answered the Number One question of fans. In the courtroom scene where Fletcher Reede is trying to figure out how to get a continuance in court and decides on doing himself bodily harm in an effort to gain sympathy from the judge, Fletcher is asked to describe his assailant (himself) "About six two, about 180 pounds, big teeth, kinda gangly..."

Q: Are Carrey's films appropriate for children?

A: As long as you don't mind your children hopping around on what amounts to a severe sugar high, the films are fine. I would think twice before showing The Mask to a really hyperactive kid. Lots of people have reported getting 'contact highs' from this film and it could completely overload the system of a truly impressionable child. Proceed with caution. On the other hand, kids like really warped, high energy things and Jim Carrey is one of those guys that kids just naturally take to. If you do your job as a parent and screen movies with your kids - like you're supposed to - then your kids won't pick up 'ideas' from the movies and go off and do weird things (like, presumably, Oliver Stone's k