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Sound Clips

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Me,Myself and Irene

  1. Hank: "You're gonna pick up that butt or do I have to glue it to the end of my shoe and stick it into your big fat pimply ay-hole?"
    Wave: 88 KB

  2. Charlie: "If I had to move to the Arctic and you could never come home and you had to eat whale blubber for the rest of your life, would you still stay with me?" Wave: 100 KB
  3. Charlie: "How's my little guy doin'?" Shonté Jr.: "Strugglin'. This quantum physics is confusing. If I don't buckle down, I'm gonna get myself another B+." Wave: 104 KB
  4. Hank: "Sound good, candypants." Wave: 21 KB
  5. Captain: "Why didn't you take a vacation when Layla left?" Charlie: "Why... why would I? Wives leave their husbands everyday in this country... It's no reason to short change the department... it's not like I had the flue!..." Wave: 214 KB
  6. Charlie: "But you said you'd eat whale blubber!" Shonté: "She'll be eating blubber allright, just as soon as I free Willy." Wave: 100 KB
  7. Hank: "I wasn't gonna just... ram it home, you know. I was gonna... lub it up and ease it in there, inch by inch, like a gentleman." Wave: 144 KB
  8. Charlie: "Come on girl, on to greener pastures!" Wave: 121 KB
  9. Doctor: "It's a boy!!... Ohh... boy-oy-oyyyh..." Wave: 111 KB
  10. Shonté: "You think just coz I'm small you can just push me around? Well, come on my friend, lets boogie, I'm gonna give you a little lesson in low center of gravity!" Wave: 125 KB
  11. Charlie: "I've never said anything remotely racist!" Shonté: "Oooh, so it's the little people thing, than??" Wave: 80 KB
  12. Hank: "Name's Hank, Hank Evans... for the little girrls!" Wave: 92 KB
  13. Hank: "Well, fuck my ozone!" Wave: 28 KB

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