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Sound Clips

About Mr Carrey
About Me
Well come to sounds section,Recharge your ears..

Let my reply in you language(mask) img

Ace ventura

Ace Ventura:
  1. Ace laughs(17.1kb)
  2. Friends rodents qyadryoends ....lend me your ears(153kb)
  3. Let me express my affection(387kb)
  4. Alright then(72,2kb)
  5. It's Alive(177kb)
  6. Oogbubu(200kb)
  7. Hungry Fello(108kb)
  8. May be i give u call some time(156kb)
  9. can i ask you some questions?"(151kb)
  10. I don't smoke it's digesting habit(152kb)
  11. Reaeally(91kb)
  12. Thank you(142kb)
  13. Yammy(10kb)

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  14. P..A..R..T..Y(34kb)
  15. s..m..o..k..i..n(51.3kb)
  16. Somebody Stop Me(92.4kb)
  17. Look ma i am road kill(89kb)
  18. Super hero(141kb)
  19. You wanna list?(104kb)

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    Dumb & Dumber

  20. I was way off(17kb)
  21. no way,...that's great..we have landed on the moon!!<155kb>
  22. I like it a lot!(18kb)
  23. Check Please!(21kb)
  24. Move it, or lose it, sister!(33kb)
  25. Hey! wanna to listen most annoying sound in the world(92kb)
  26. Harry:How was day?
    Lloyd:not bad,fell of the jetway again

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    Liar Liar

  27. Man:"What the hell are you doing?"
    Fletcher:I'm kicking my ass!Do you mind?"
  28. Pete:"What's up Fletcher?"
    Fletcher:"Your cholesterol,fatty! Dead man walking"
  29. Beggar:"Excuse me sir,any spare change?"
    Fletcher:"Oh,I'm sorry,I'm all out"
  30. Fletcher:"Wow!That was a nice image.. deleted!"(87kb)
  31. Audrey:"What were you donig?"
    Fletcher:"Having sex!"
  32. Fletcher:"Don't ask! For God sakes, don't ask!"(54kb)

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If you want more sounds thenMAIL ME.I have great collecton of sound clips.